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Android apps

Blur Video

blur photo icon

Protect your privacy and blur out sensitive parts from the video before sharing it.

Ways to blur:
Face Tracking - Automatically finds and follows faces
Object Tracking - Select an object/area which will be followed
Manual Tracking - Record the movement of the area to be hidden

Video To Photo

video to photo icon

This app is used to capture images from videos in high quality.

Unique feature: Frame carousel - With the help of the pane by pane viewer, you can precisely select the perfect moment by just scrolling through the sequence of frames

Time interval capture: Extract image every X seconds

Check your creations in the "Saved Photos" library section.
Save the photo to your device or share it with your friends.

Convert video to images that you can also use to train your Machine Learning models.

Download from Play Store

Blur Face

blur face icon

Get your mosaic and blurry face censored on the image with our Photo Blurrier. The pixelation algorithm will help you to blur out certain parts of a picture or blur entire photo as well. Blur picture/pic/images easily, fast, and user-friendly.

- Select a photo to blur
- Click on the detected faces to blur/unblur
- Add blur area manually if needed
- Save the image to the gallery

Download from Play Store